7Bike Hire  From - from £17 half day
We are located next to Dalbeattie Forest which is full of a network of bike routes, some nice and gentle, others for the really adventurous. We also have trailer buggies and tag alongs for ages 1-6 yrs old  
Hide & Seek Hill  -  no charge
Take your gang onto the hill and find your best hiding spots.
Adventure Path  -  no charge
Kids you'll have to help the grown ups - take the path and balance on the planks, swing on the rope swing and cross the swamp on the chain bridge.
Find the Herdy's treasure hunt  -  50p per sheet
Grab a treasure map and find the nature signs all around the farm.  Find them all and collect a medal as a reward. 
Coarse Fishing - £8 day
Our carp and tench pond can be fished for £5 a day.  We sell bait and also hire out tackle if you arrive without it.
Trout Fishing - from £17
So fancy yourself as a wannabe Bear Grills.
We provide the rod, reel and bait - you need to prove your worth and catch a trout for the BBQ.
Kids Panning for Gold - £2 per panner
Head up to the stream near troll bridge and pick your spot.
Can you find some of the precious gold nuggets.
Wellies required. 
Farm & Forest Walks - no charge
Explore the nature on the farm or further a field into the forest or down to the coastal paths